The LOOM studio team have created a series of new courses that help to meet the massive demand for a career in the recording studio.


This new course has been created with all budding producers in mind. Over the weeks this course gives you experience in all aspects of a modern studio and is completed around your day job. We will give you practical experience in a busy working studio.


You have already gained a good level of technical knowledge so far but not enough to gain employment, or to attract bands with your limited showreel. This course is aimed at people who are self taught and working with home set ups, you may have already graduated from college or university, perhaps you need to brush up on your skills and want a change in career.

This course is designed to work on areas that need improving and to give you the practical help and experience needed to get your music career back on track. Our freelancer training gives you the best chance of gaining work out there and will create a new platform for you to trade from.


We'll work with you on a one to one basis and prepare you for a career as a freelance studio engineer/producer. Most University/collage courses do not provide this valuable training.

Share our experiences and techniques in gaining new business & get the business advice you need from one of the most successful studios in the region. Successful completion of this course will set you up as a LOOM freelancer and give you your first platform to trade from.

For further information on any of our courses Contact Us to send us a brief message about which course your interested in, or alternatively call Grant on 07850 356541


LOOM Studio, Unit 12F, Carr Mill Business Centre, Birstall, WF17 9JX